The Supreme Path of Discipleship
The 28 Categories of Yogic Precepts
The Rosary of Precious Gems
Author: Gampopa


"For those who share in the quest for Divine Wisdom follows, recorded in writing, the most highly esteemed precepts, called 'The Supreme Path, the Rosary of Precious Gems', transmitted to Gampopa, either directly or indirectly, through that inspired Dynasty of Gurus, out of their love for him"

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It is commonly believed that the Great Guru Gampopa (otherwise known as Dvagpo-Larhe), compiled this work, and that he handed it on with this injunction: 'I entreat those devotees of generations yet unborn, who will honour my memory and regret not having met me in person, to study this, The Supreme Path, The Rosary of Precious Gems, and also The Precious Ornament of Liberation, along with other religious treatises. The result will be equivalent to that of an actual meeting with myself.'

The Ten Causes of Regret: The Twelve Indispensable Things:
The Ten Requirements: The Ten Signs Of A Superior Man:
The Ten Things To Be Done: The Ten Useless Things:
The Ten Things To Be Avoided: The Ten Self Imposed Troubles:
The Ten Things Not To Be Avoided: The Ten Things Wherein One Does Good To Oneself:
The Ten Things One Must Know: The Ten Best Things:
The Ten Things To Be Practiced: The Ten Grievous Mistakes:
The Ten Things To Be Persevered In: The Ten Necessary Things:
The Ten Incentives : The Ten Unnecessary Things:
The Ten Errors: The Ten More Precious Things:
The Ten Resemblances Wherein One May Err: The Ten Equal Things:
The Ten Things Wherein One Errs Not: The Ten Virtues Of The Holy Dharma (Doctrine)
The Thirteen Grievous Failures: The Ten Figurative Expressions:
The Fifteen Weaknesses : The Ten Great Joyful Realizations :



Ten Signs Of A Superior Man, Ten Useless Things, Ten Self Imposed Troubles, Ten Best Things, Ten Grievous Mistakes, Ten Necessary Things, Ten Unnecessary Things, Ten More Precious Things, Ten Equal Things, Ten Virtues of The Holy Dharma, Ten Figurative Expressions, Ten Joyful Realiazations, Conclusion, Ten Pious Acts, Ten Paramita, Four Noble Truths

Ten Requirements, Ten Things To Be Done, Ten Things To Be Avoided, Ten Things Not To Be Avoided, Ten Things One Must Know, Ten Things To Be Practiced, Ten Things To Be Perservered In,  Ten Incentives, Ten Errors, Ten Things Wherein One Errs,Ten Things Wherein One Errs Not, Thirteen Grievous Failures, Fifteen Weaknesses, Twelve Indispensable Things